NIDEC-ASI (ANSALDO) Frequency Control

Since inception Speed Control Technology has had a strong association with Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali spa Italy. Ansaldo is world renowned for electronic drive systems of high quality and technological innovation.

Thyristor Control

Despite the popularity of frequency control and cage motor systems, there is a certain class of machine, in particular hot ladle cranes, for which the combination of slip-ring motor and thyristor control is preferred.

Resistor Technology

Speed Control Technology specialises in the design and manufacture of power resistors for every size and class of industrial application.

Kiln Control

The benefit of using frequency control to drive a rotary kiln is strong. A high starting torque is needed, and precise acceleration and deceleration times are vital for correct safe operation.


Speed Control Technologies is an authorised agent for the Spohn and Burkhardt range of products, including controllers, pendants, operator consoles and footswitches.

Operator Desks

From a typical cabin control desk with crane motion controllers and LED indication, to highly sophisticated desks with multiple function and indication features.

PLC & Automation

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) with multiple input and output arrangements are used in repetitive production processes in conjunction with field sensors and encoders, production cycles can be controlled with a high level of accuracy, reliability and safety.

Hoist Final Limit

The SCT4002FL final limit switch has a design and construction that meets the heaviest Class 4 and Class 5 industrial requirements.

Tachogenerators & Encoders

Both Tacho Generators and Encoders are used to provide precision speed feedback, and therefore are an important safety feature in a production process where over speed detection and a critical set trip point can be determined.

VTDrive Frequency Control

ShenzenVTdrive Technology is a recognised leader in drive technology, noted for quality, reliability and cost efficiency. The product range is comprehensive and industry wide, ranging from 0.4kW to 3000Kw, 200V - 690V, and backed by a dedicated R&D team to ensure ongoing innovations


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Established in 2001, Speed Control Technology is focused on providing solutions to Power Engineering requirements, and offers a wide range of electrical and control system technologies including PLC Control, Variable Frequency Control, switchgear and instrumentation product integration, consultation, design, fabrication, installation and on site commission.

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The integration of reliable products of high quality standards into our systems allows the end user peace of mind regarding accuracy, durability and functionality. Siemens, Schneider, Turk, Saftronics, Omron, Ansaldo, Powermite, Spohn & Burkhardt, Hubner, CHI-Control, Phoenix, Infineon and Semikron are just some of the prestigious brands used by Speed Control in providing safe and reliable control systems. Installed systems are backed by an experienced and qualified technical team, after sales service and hands on training are further supported by detailed technical training manuals regarding the systems functionality. With a network of reputable suppliers and key spares items on hand, emergency breakdown requirements can be resolved with a minimal downtime.

Technical Expertise       BEE level 3 compliant
With a collective experience of more than 90 years in the automation industry, systems solutions are designed and installed with a sound understanding of the clients technical requirements, and backed by experienced technicians. Detailed technical training manuals are available to further support the end users requirements.



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